Sterile storage cabinets

Sterile storage cabinets means creation of environments without bacterium and dust. The medium is also safe for the personnel. Our company supply facilities for different industries:

  • pharmacology,
  • medicine,
  • electronics,
  • nanotechnology.

Sterile storage cabinets have specific values of pressure, temperature and some other parameters due to the special agents to organize stability.

Coats and shoe covers, overalls and other protective elements in modern labs should be clean. So there are strict requirements to the purity of uniforms and all the staff have to obey these rules. Non-bacterial environment is created by means of HEPA-filters. Downward direction air flow improves the parameters of environment, with the absence of dust.

Sterile storage cabinet is available in plenty of up-to-date laboratories. Optical devices also need such clean conditions, the same situation is in electronics and electrical equipment. The construction is made of stainless steel (resistant to disinfectant treatment) and tempered glass. HEPA filters make possible the value of the air cleanliness of 99.9995% for 0.3 µm size particles.