Portable isolator – effective protection from dangerous infections

Portable isolator is a special facility necessary in case of transportation of people who might have dangerous infections, for example Zika fever, plague, Ebola virus and others. This mobile enclosure helps to protect healthy people from suspected of being infected with especially hazardous illnesses.

While sick people with contagious infections are being transported to the hospitals, transport bag for infected patient is a necessary thing. Its main purpose is protection of highly infected patients having special needs.

To prevent the transmission of serious diseases from one man to another, medical isolation have to be supplied, so it is beyond the scope of other biological equipment. Isolation is also obligatory for immunocompromised or severely burnt patients.

Two methods are used to make an isolator:

  • HFW (high frequency welding),
  • additional joint sealing (in such case bands were bonded under high temperature).

Ventilation system allows to control pressure and its preset (positive or negative). Air inflows are very important for well-being of patients. Calibration at the factory increases the reliability of facility.