Laminar flow hoods

Contamination is undesirable in lots of hospitals, research and medical laboratories. Sometimes there are even more serious requirements about it. Creation of sterile working environment is difficult enough, so we carry out special work and suggest to solve this actual problem by means of a laminar flow hood. Laminar air flow is the process where an entire body of air move with steady and uniform velocity. Laminar flow cabinets work by means of in-flow laminar air drawn through one (sometimes – more) HEPA filter, designed to create a particle-free working environment and provide product protection.

Laminar flow chamber can be used for vertical and horizontal air flow, it depends on the type of the working area.

Laminar flow cabinets, in fact, create particle-free environments by means of projecting air through HEPA filters and exhausting it across working surfaces. The filters capture all substances entering the cabinet. Their construction and principle of action are described in the international standards. Both laminar or unidirectional air flow are available. In each of these constructions excellent purity of air environment is provided for a number of laboratory requirements.

In case of sensitive electronic devices laminar flow cabinets are suitable too, because of their ability to create an individual clean air environment. It is required for small items, e.g. particles. These facilities can be actual for general lab work, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical, electronic and industrial spheres. In modern laboratories laminar flow cabinets (a type of high-tech equipment) are often used for specialized work. If the working environment is thoroughly cleaned by the accurate filtration, it can fulfill strict specific requirements for laboratories.