Laboratory fume hood

Protection of laboratory staff from fumes and toxins during the work is very important task. The laboratory research can be harmful for people without protection. To avoid this at the workplaces we use facility called a laboratory fume hood.

Our fume cupboards provide the whole combination of such parameters:

  • reliability,
  • safety,
  • high efficiency.

We are known abroad as producers of the best cost-effective and economical fume hoods. That is why fume chamber of our design is available and very popular in different spheres, such as pharmacy, medicine, research, electronics and some others.

Speaking about the construction of a tabletop fume hood (another name of it is fume cupboard), we can add, that it is an enclosed ventilation machine. The main aim of this device is decreasing of poisonous vapors, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances in chemical laboratories. The size can differ (from large to small). This parameter depends on the requirements of clients.

Each facility contains

  • Tempered glass (in place of window sash), it protects the staff from hazardous aerosols as special shield.
  • stainless steel sink. It is mounted inside the hood being resistant to gases (vapors) at workplace.
  • Lateral surfaces (made from the working chamber). These details create an additional visibility. At last, auxiliary exhaust fan is needed.

The volume of air should be enough for the room for a fume hood to extract hazardous gases from the environment. There is an exhaust fan on the top fume hood. It is mounted to the top of the cabinet, drawn all airborne chemicals, then diluting them out of ducts.

A lab coat  is a must for all operators, and also gloves help to avoid any harm for staff. No extra materials (for example, paper) should go inside the ducts.